Manipulated Living - Donnie Darko | Manipuliertes Leben

Intro: Simple things will get you. Its just about time. The rabbit tells you the time. It is manipulation. The manipulation of life. The ongoing sounds is tremendous although I don't really know what tremendous means - back in 2005 or something this OST catched my mind if there is something like that. Over and over again the rabbits tells the time - if something can represent destiny then this 'song' can do. I have no idea but just listen to it - great piece of art - in combination with the movie and knowing the WHY this movie and this piece of sound is tremendous. Whatever it means.

Ein Song, ein Theme
- Jonny Darko und Manipulated Living. Eines der größten Geniestreiche der auditiven Filmgeschischte wenn es denn so etwas geben mag. Anfangs dunkel und düster, wird es ab ca. Minute 0:34 tremendous - was auch immer das heißen mag. Unbeschreiblich dieser Song. Einfach nur Manipulated Living.

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